turns your crypto assets into reality and makes them a part of everyday life

Chek is the platform that allows crypto community to use discounts or make purchases in hundreds of thousands of stores and services united by a new generation loyalty program. We bridge the gap between digital assets and the real world.

Token Sale ends on February 15, 2019

$324 576
Min $300k
Soft cap $1M
Hard cap $15M
  • Base price $ 0.1
  • Now $ 0.08
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Discount from the base cost

  • -20%
  • -15%
  • -10%
  • -5%
  • 20 FEB 2018
  • 6 MAR 2018
  • 20 MAR 2018
  • 30 NOV 2018
  • 25 DEC 2018
  • 20 JAN 2019
  • 15 FEB 2019

Chek is the first to use the synergy of a working loyalty ecosystem and millions of charity donors

Ready-to-launch loyalty system unites more than 150 000 small businesses and large retail networks in Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia.

Multi-million and constantly growing base of Charity Blockchain Association (CBA) donors is highly sought by retail businesses, interested in maintaining a socially positive image and inflow of customers.

Why Chek is a breakthrough blockchain project

For crypto community

Chek creates a platform for crypto asset owners to use crypto currencies as discounts and bonuses in the existing infrastructure of retail trade and services.

How Chek works

In 90 seconds
Why blockchain

Blockchain is used:

  • - for providing loyalty point to token to crypto assets conversion;
  • - for managing loyalty system via DAO;
  • - for managing charity funds.

It provides transparency, security and speed of operations.

For retail

Chek users can convert crypto assets into universal loyalty points. This allows the retail to attract thousands of customers from the crypto community.

It also gives retailers an opportunity to gain access to an already existing customer community of 1 million people, with the potential for growth of up to 1.5 bn, provided by the project partner, CBA.

Participants benefits

  • Crypto community

    Gets the ability to turn crypto assets into real goods and receives up to 1.5 bn prospective members from the charity sector.

  • Business

    Receives the ability to reach out to 1.5 bn prospective customers from charity sector, and the status of a socially responsible enterprise.

  • Charity

    Gets additional funding and gains trust of donors through development of new methods of management of charity funds, based on blockchain technology.

Why do you need Chek?

Chek allows easy conversion of crypto assets into discounts and purchases, to save money when purchasing real goods and services. Token owners are given a new dimension of freedom in using their digital savings.

As the number of participants in the loyalty program grows, more and more bonuses and discounts will become available to Chek holders.

Due to the scalability built into the project, the demand for each Chek token will grow in proportion to the growth of the loyalty system.

Problems that Chek solves

  • Legal issues

    In many countries, the use of crypto currency for the purchase of goods and services is expressly prohibited.

  • High costs

    Sellers, trading for digital currencies often overprice or charge inappropriate fees on buyers, complexity of operations delays purchases and increases the likelihood of failures.

  • Limited opportunities

    Small number of sites (both online and offline) that trade goods and services for digital assets and limited offer.

  • Loyalty systems

    Loyalty systems are completely legal in all jurisdictions and allow you to purchase goods and services at a significant discount. Unified loyalty point and the social component of loyalty give the system a capability for global coverage.

  • Blockchain system

    The blockchain system allows to convert crypto assets into Chek at high speed, and the received bonuses can be used "here and now" at any point of the retail participating in the program.

  • 150K+ enterprises

    The number of businesses in the loyalty program already exceeds 150 000 with thousands of retail sites globally, and growing.

Turning crypto assets into discounts

  • The customer initiates exchange of cryptocurrencies for tokens (points) through Charity Blockchain Association (CBA)
  • CBA accrues tokens (points) to the customer
  • The customer uses accrued points in points of sale
  • Bcryptocurrency
  • Bcryptocurrency
  • tokens

    of demand of Chek tokens

  • Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points
  • 1. The client initiates the exchange of the cryptocurrency for loyalty points through Charity Blockchain Association
  • 2. Charity Blockchain Association uses cryptocurrency for the purchase of Chek tokens on the exchange
  • 3. CBA converts tokens Chek into Good Deeds Loyalty Points, and accrues to the client
  • 4. The client comes to the store and pays the points for discounts and purchases


  • $22 640B

    Volume of World Retail Trade in 2017

    Data Source

    Most retailers run their own loyalty programs.
    A significant percentage of this volume goes through such programs.

  • Chek bridges the gap between these huge and constantly growing volumes of assets

  • Estimated


    Cryptocurrency Market Cap

    Data Source

Today, among the partners of the project - shops, restaurants, hotels, non-profit organizations in Norway, Switzerland, Russia and Southeast Asia

The growth of the project will be due to the growth in the number of participants in the loyalty program and demand for a token


The loyalty program is based on the partner networks of 2can company and Charity Blockchain Association

Charity Blockchain Association (CBA) unites hundreds of charitable foundations around the world. Association’s main goal is the introduction of a new management system for charity assets, based on Blockchain technologies. For the Chek project, CBA acts as the source of the customer base. CBA infrastructure includes charitable marketplace One⁺¹.

  • The Best Social
    Project 2017

  • 1000+ partner

  • Member of RACIB
    since 2018

2can is Eastern Europe’s leading mPOS provider.

Clients: 20 000 SMEs, banks, telecoms, insurance companies and e-commerce retailers.

Own team of experienced programmers and app designers. Technologies and mobile solutions used by 150K businesses, including several big retail networks for accepting payments, financial and inventory accounting, analytics and employee management.

  • Leader of Mobile Payments Market in Eastern Europe


  • Approx. 1B transactions processed monthly

  • $1B Annual Turnover

Dan Pallotta

The world’s most famous fundriser

Most of the great problems we have solved are in the domain of commerce, where the profit motive is promoted, and most of the great problems we have not solved are in the domain of charity, where it is prohibited. If profit and goodness in partnership produce the greatest results, we should take away the dividing line that now separates them and allow them to marry.

Token Sale

Every person in the world can make a difference and earn Chek

  • 400 000 000

    Cheks are produced at the start of the project
  • 1 Chek = $0,1

    Base cost


You can buy


For advisors


For the team



Discount from the base price

  • -20%
  • -15%
  • -10%
  • -5%
  • 20 FEB 2018
  • 6 MAR 2018
  • 20 MAR 2018
  • 30 NOV 2018
  • 25 DEC 2018
  • 20 JAN 2019
  • 15 FEB 2019

The next discount period starts in:

Change from 15% to 10% discount


  • The creation of 2can company, 2can is recognized as the startup of the year

  • 2can received more than $15 million from venture funds

  • Monthly turnover 2can & Ibox more than $100 million

  • The creation of One+1 Marketplace within Charity Blockchain Association

  • Charity Blockchain Association is recognized as the best social project of 2017

  • Market leaders of mPOS acquiring 2can & Ibox and the world's first Charity Blockchain Association announce cooperation to create a new generation loyalty program

    FEB 2018
  • 2can is reached a breakeven point

    MAY 2018
  • The creation of MVP

    MAY 2018
  • Creating an application for the management of Charity Blockchain Association

    DEC 2018
  • Adding Chek token to the exchanges

    FEB 2019
  • Creation of own blockchain network Getone

    MAR 2019
  • Launching the loyalty program

    APR 2019
  • The number of users of the program is 15 million people

    FEB 2020

Finance plan

  • $1-8 mln

    • Getone Blockchain
    • The industrial version of the loyalty processing
    • POS integration of the loyalty processing
    • User clients for the loyalty system (Chatbots, mobile, SMS, and email)
  • $8-15 mln

    • Global Charity Database, Charity Services, APIs
    • Good Deeds Rating
    • Media Portal for Charity
  • $15 mln

    • Charity Payment System

* Each stage includes marketing costs


  • Toomas Allmere

    Tokenomic Blockchain Advisor

    A multifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Accomplished in strategic and operational planning, financial analysis and planning, cash management and coordination of banking, audit and business assessment activities. Adept at ITL and blockchain technology. Work in advisory teams of several ICO projects, co-founder of the professional experts' community Crypto BrainTrust Syndicate, ICObench expert. A member of British Blockchain Association.

  • Dushan Spalevich

    SMM Advisor

    Dushan Spalevich, born in Slovenia, is a businessman with experience in multinational companies, as well as an entrepreneur. He has lived in 5 different countries and can communicate in 7 different languages. In 2004 Dushan co-founded and managed a startup project in Russia, which had successfully become one of the biggest in-door advertising operators with more than 250 employees and 18 subsidiaries in the biggest Russian cities. As a start-upper by the soul, Dushan was immediately attracted by the new possibilities of blockchain technologies and a new way of funding start-ups in the form of ICOs.

    Today, Dushan is an ICO expert, advisor to the promising ICOs, and founder and host of ICO TV video channel, which is specialized in the interviews with ICO founders and executives.

  • Do Nguyen Ai

    Asia Market Advisor

    Ai has over 15 years experience in Vietnam financial sector. Before joining the company Ai served as Vice President in HSBC Bank (Vietnam), Prudential Vietnam Finance Company and as Deputy Director of Card Business in Techcombank.

  • Bogdashev Dmitry

    Payment technology advisor

    CEO of 2can. Previously, he was CEO of OAO Grankombank and was responsible for IT in Investbank as Deputy Chairman of the Board.

  • Alexander Chevtaev

    European market Advisor

    Serial entrepreneur with international experience and specialization in blockchain, internet business, startups, strategy, innovative products, marketing and business development. MBA degree at IE Business School (top 3 MBA in Europe and top 10 in the world).

  • Jemal Agrba

    Payments Systems Advisor

    Director for development and sales of commercial products of Mastercard, Ph.D. in Economics, and entrepreneur, Jemal has experience in implementing social and commercial projects. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of banking and payment technology and is the author of several scientific articles.

  • Evgeniy Galiakhmetov

    Investment Advisor

    Evgeniy has 13 years of experience in the banking sector, where he went from the sales manager of Citibank credit cards, the head of HSBC's corporate sales, to the head of retail business of Bank ZENIT.

    He is the investor in the blockchain assets.

    He is a co-founder of Artex, a blockchain project.


  • Michael Paley


    Mikhail has more than 11 years of experience in the financial sector in key Russian banks as the head of the product development and strategy departments.

    He has initiated several social projects.

    He was involved in consulting services and also has experience in starting businesses from scratch.

  • Renat Zagidullin


    14 years of experience in developing loyalty programs from creating product concepts, technological and legal schemes to project management. All of today's coalition loyalty programs of Russia (Svyaznoy Club, Corn (Euroset), Thanks from Sberbank, TNK-Carbon and others) are working on the material base developed by Renat.

    Loyalty program «Polza» (Benefits) developed and launched by Renat's team at Home Credit Bank in 2015 became the best bonus program among the Top 50 banks according to Frank Research Group.

    Renat is a co-founder of the first low-cost VDS-hosting Russia (

  • Artem Garashko


    Artem has 15 years of experience in developing software products.

    For eight years, he was engaged in managing the development of a large-scale FX platform in the banking sector in North America (USA and Canada).

    He has experience in launching IT business from scratch.

  • Dmitry Belkin


    Dmitry has six years of experience in the field of UX/UI. He has experience in UX analytics and development of solutions for VTB24, MTS Hybrid TV, and CROC.

    Dmitry has three years of studying in Graphic Design BA (HONS) in BHSAD. He was a nominee of Red Apple's "Young Creators" in 2015.

    Dmitry is a co-owner of the web studio Yesson.

  • Andrey Vishnyakov


    Andrey specializes in marketing and has experience in the development and management of projects and businesses in various fields, including commercial and social projects.

    He has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and sales.

    He is the owner of the Commodity and Raw Materials Corporation.

  • Yuri Platonov

    Project manager

    Yuri has 10 years of experience in managing the development of products and business processes in banks and insurance companies (top 10).

    He has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics.

  • Pavel Kazantsev


    Pavel has 16 years of experience in jurisprudence, including leadership positions.

    He also has 12 years of teaching experience at a state university.

    Pavel is the author of more than 20 academic papers and publications.

    He was the recipient of a government grant.

  • Yuri Garashko

    Head of Blockchain Technology

    Yuri has 30 years of experience in managing software development.

    He is the CEO of the Russian software developer «Metarex».

  • Vadim Alexeev

    Head of Frontend Development

    Vadim is a front-end developer with more than 10 years of experience and has more than three years of experience in teaching the front-end development (

    He is a web evangelist and and an owner of a front-end development firm with 500+ completed projects.

    He is a certified SCRUM master.


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