A token that integrates business and charity into a single effective ecosystem via a global loyalty program

How Chek works

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Token Sale starts: 15 September 2018

$155 776
Pre-Token Sale Results
Min. $150K
  • Base price $ 0.1
  • Now $ 0.08

Discount from the base price

Pre-Token Sale

Token Sale

  • Pre-Token Sale Finished at $155 776
  • -15%
  • -10%
  • -5%
  • 20 FEB
  • 6 MAR
  • 20 MAR
  • 15 SEPT
  • 10 OCT
  • 5 NOV
  • 1 DEC

Token listed

We have already started building the ecosystem

We have established partnership relations and effectively work with major representatives of business and philanthropic spheres.

Charity Market Volume

  • 1.5bln.

    donors in the world
  • $


    donations a year
  • 700thousand

    charitable organizations

Large brands

are interested in the image of socially responsible companies, making them highly interested in using the Chek ecosystem.

CAF study

How Chek Works


Decentralized infrastructure of the global Chek loyalty program brings business and charity together and is beneficial for all participants.

    & BIG DATA
  • Public charity ledger
  • Charity data loader
  • Charity ledger explorer
  • Association governance
  • engagement services
  • POS integration
  • Charity
  • Loyalty
DAO Chek issuance
& smart-contracts


1.5 billion of users


medium and large

Chek Issuance

Chek Creation

Cheks are "mined" at the moment donations are made to the charitable foundation.

Basic Distribution of Cheks

One⁺¹ awards Cheks to charitable foundations and donors. If a product is purchased on One⁺¹ marketplace or a similar service, Cheks are also awarded to buyers.

  • Charitable foundations

  • Donors

  • Buyers

A charitable foundation transfers 30% of awarded Cheks to the fund for the Development of Social Initiatives on Blockchain.

  • Fund for the Development of Social Initiatives on Blockchain

    The fund is managed by the main Chek owners: investors and charity foundations

  • Journalists are awarded Cheks for the best charity and Blockchain-related articles/broadcasts.

  • Businesses are awarded Cheks for connecting to One⁺¹ ecosystem.

  • Social charity projects

  • Software developers are awarded Cheks for being engaged in the development of the ecosystem.


Socially responsible companies

Marketplace One⁺¹

The aggregator of charitable foundations and socially responsible companies makes it possible to sell and buy goods while making charitable contributions.

  • Offline retail

    Integration with POS systems

  • E-commerce websites

    Participate in charity activity by accepting Chek as full or partial payment for the purchase

  • Charity shops

    Chek is awarded to the charity shop for each sale in favor of charity


The Marketplace enables retailers and private sellers to sell goods. When such goods are purchased, the amount of payment is transferred to a charitable foundation. Users are awarded loyalty points for selling and buying at the Marketplace.

  • API
  • White label
Go to Marketplace

Business at One⁺¹



Charity Blockchain Association

We have created the association of charitable foundations that publish their financial reporting on Blockchain, in order to confirm transparency of work and increase the level of trust in foundations.

  • Verifiers

    Conduct initial and periodic audition of the foundation and accepting payment in Chek.

  • Charitable
    Online Services

    Participate in charity by accepting Chek as a donation or as a payment for a service.

  • Charitable

    For each donation to the charitable foundation, the foundation is rewarded with Chek.

The association of bonafide charitable foundations that provide financial reporting with the use of the Blockchain technology. The unifying principle that all members of the association adhere to is the utmost transparency of their activities.

  • Loyalty points are awarded
    for each donation
Go to Association's website

NPO at One⁺¹

Token Sale

Every person in the world can make a difference and earn Chek

  • 7 bln of Cheks

    Total number of tokens
  • 400 000 000

    Cheks are issued at the start of the project
  • 1 Chek = $0,1

    Base price


are available
to investors


for the team



Discount from the base price

Pre-Token Sale

Token Sale

  • Pre-Token Sale Finished at $155 776
  • -15%
  • -10%
  • -5%
  • 20 FEB
  • 6 MAR
  • 20 MAR
  • 15 SEPT
  • 10 OCT
  • 5 NOV
  • 1 DEC

The next discount period starts after


  • Creation of One⁺¹

    July 2017
  • All donations are registered in Blockchain

    October 2017
  • Fighting Leukemia Foundation: the first foundation in the world to begin publishing its financials on the Blockchain

    December 2017
  • Creation of Charity Blockchain Association

    December 2017
  • Add 5 foundations to CBA and 30 businesses that will be accept loyalty reward points

    March 2018
  • Launch of the loyalty program on One⁺¹ Marketplace

    April 2018
  • Exchange of Rewards Points ⇔ CHK

    April 2018
  • DAO

    May 2018
  • 20 foundations
    and 50 businesses

    May 2018
  • CBA Governance

    June 2018
  • Loyalty API

    July 2018
  • Loyalty Engagement Services Core & API

    July 2018
  • 50 foundations and 100 businesses

    July 2018
  • Getone Blockchain

    August 2018
  • Rollout Own or White-labeled Marketplaces for CIS/Asia/US and other regions

    August 2018
  • Clients for Loyalty Engagement (Chatbots, mobile, sms, and email)

    September 2018
  • Loyalty Processing

    September 2018
  • POS Integration

    October 2018
  • Global Charity Database and Charity API

    October 2018
  • Good Deeds Rating

    October 2018
  • News and Info Portal

    November 2018
  • 5+ countries
    300+ foundations
    1000+ businesses

    January 2019
  • Payment API

    February 2019

* Specified date of the pilot launch of software solutions

  • Financing
  • $2000 000mln.

    • Launch of the loyalty program on One⁺¹ Marketplace
    • Exchange of Rewards Points ⇔ CHK
    • DAO
    • Getone Blockchain
    • CBA Governance
  • $5000 000mln.

    • Loyalty API
    • Loyalty Processing
    • Loyalty Engagement Services Core & API
    • Clients for Loyalty Engagement (Chatbots, mobile, sms, and email)
  • $10000 000mln.

    • POS Integration
    • Rollout Own or White-labeled Marketplaces for CIS/Asia/US and other regions
  • $15000 000mln.

    • Global Charity Database and Charity API
    • Good Deeds Rating
    • News and Info Portal
  • $24000 000mln.

    • Payment API

* Each stage includes marketing costs


26 Professionals
in their respective fields

The project team includes professionals from various fields, which makes it possible to create reliable promising products at the junction of business and charity. The participants are united not only by exciting professional challenges, but also by the common idea of systemic engagement in charity.

About the Team

  • Mikhail Paley


    Mikhail has more than 11 years of experience in the financial sector in key Russian banks as the head of the product development and strategy departments.

    He has initiated several social projects.

    He was involved in consulting services and also has experience in starting businesses from scratch.

  • Yuri Platonov

    Head of Operations

    Yuri has 10 years of experience in managing the development of products and business processes in banks and insurance companies (top 10).

    He has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics.

  • Artem Garashko


    Artem has 15 years of experience in developing software products.

    For eight years, he was engaged in managing the development of a large-scale FX platform in the banking sector in North America (USA and Canada).

    He has experience in launching IT business from scratch.

  • Yuri Garashko

    Software Architect

    Yuri has 30 years of experience in managing software development.

    He is the CEO of the Russian software developer «Metarex».

  • Alexander Garashko

    Head of Software Development

    Alex has 14 years of experience in developing software products:
    - development of web applications with complex business logic;
    - SEO (he developed his own off-the-shelf product for promotion on the internet);
    - development of social networks and highly loaded systems;
    - development of mobile applications;
    - smart contracts, and Blockchain technologies.

    He is a prize winner of regional programming olympiads.

  • Renat Zagidullin

    Loyalty Program Manager

    14 years of experience in developing loyalty programs from creating product concepts, technological and legal schemes to project management. All of today's coalition loyalty programs of Russia (Svyaznoy Club, Corn (Euroset), Thanks from Sberbank, TNK-Carbon and others) are working on the material base developed by Renat.

    Loyalty program «Polza» (Benefits) developed and launched by Renat's team at Home Credit Bank in 2015 became the best bonus program among the Top 50 banks according to Frank Research Group.

    Renat is a co-founder of the first low-cost VDS-hosting Russia (

  • Andrey Vishnyakov

    Head of Marketing

    Andrey specializes in marketing and has experience in the development and management of projects and businesses in various fields, including commercial and social projects.

    He has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and sales.

    He is the owner of the Commodity and Raw Materials Corporation.

  • Daria Bogachkina

    Head of Communications

    Daria is an expert in advertising, marketing research, PR, and event and brand management.

    She is the founder and owner of the information project about professions titled "Tactics and Practices".

  • Dmitry Belkin

    Art Director

    Dmitry has six years of experience in the field of UX/UI. He has experience in UX analytics and development of solutions for VTB24, MTS Hybrid TV, and CROC.

    Dmitry has three years of studying in Graphic Design BA (HONS) in BHSAD. He was a nominee of Red Apple's "Young Creators" in 2015.

    Dmitry is a co-owner of the web studio Yesson.

  • Pavel Kazantsev

    Senior Attorney

    Pavel has 16 years of experience in jurisprudence, including leadership positions.

    He also has 12 years of teaching experience at a state university.

    Pavel is the author of more than 20 academic papers and publications.

    He was the recipient of a government grant.

  • Vadim Alekseev

    Front-End Developer

    Vadim is a front-end developer with more than 10 years of experience and has more than three years of experience in teaching the front-end development (

    He is a web evangelist and and an owner of a front-end development firm with 500+ completed projects.

    He is a certified SCRUM master.

  • Irina Zakharova

    Chief Accountant

    Irina has 23 years of experience in the accounting field, including 20 years as a chief accountant.

    She is experienced in building a system of bookkeeping, managerial, and tax accounting in IT firms from scratch.


  • Jemal Agrba


    Director for development and sales of commercial products of Mastercard, Ph.D. in Economics, and entrepreneur, Jemal has experience in implementing social and commercial projects. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of banking and payment technology and is the author of several scientific articles.

  • Viktor Kashtanov


    A Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and honored scientist of the Russian Federation. Professor at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE).

  • Alexey Chumakov


    Alexey has more than 15 years in the investment market. He has extensive experience in key management positions of major Russian financial institutions (Gazprombank, BCS). He has extensive knowledge in the field of technology, client behavior and experience building professional teams.

  • Evgeniy Galiakhmetov


    Evgeniy has 13 years of experience in the banking sector, where he went from the sales manager of Citibank credit cards, the head of HSBC's corporate sales, to the head of retail business of Bank ZENIT.

    He is the investor in the blockchain assets.

    He is a co-founder of Artex, a blockchain project.

  • Maksim Karakulov


    Head of products in the "TechMedia", services creation for IT professionals. Project lead of the "My Circle", IT-hiring. One of the founders of the "Darudar", donation service. Experience in start-ups for more than 10 years.

In the Media


  • IT

  • Reliability


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