3 New Gambling Websites You Have to Check Out

identity - 3 New Gambling Websites You Have to Check Out

There are some good reasons why gambling using your cryptocurrency is a good idea. It is simple to use and some gaming sites will allow sign-up with a simple email. Your privacy is very well protected.

Cryptocurrency is difficult to trace and with a dummy email, you’ll be very well hidden from view.

The idea of signing up using your credit card comes with the risk of getting your information stolen or being sold. And that’s the important part of protecting your privacy.

And not surprisingly the US does not have a comprehensive law protecting the information of its consumers. There are countries in South East Asia who has better Data Privacy Laws than the US.

It would seem like we are ready to sell just about anything. We sell our consumer’s information; we sell our dignity to the almighty dollar.

The risks are many when you go online – more so when you gamble online. There are websites that are very good at this. Very good at getting you to sign-up and for you to give up your personal information.

They’ll dangle prizes, bonus points and a plethora of incentives to make you bite.

Now let’s talk about incentives. Let’s talk about which online casinos in the US gives out the best payouts. Now there are a lot of them and with a growing number of players, the ranks could change at any given time.

But here’s two gaming websites that you can play using your cryptocurrency while getting also top payouts.


This website has a jackpot of about $1,000,000.00 on their online slot machines. So they are worth your time. They have a wide range of slot machine games and also a wide range of casino games, like poker, roulette, craps and dozens of variations.

They have good graphics and good customer support. But if you are looking for more gambling options then you’d better check out BetOnline or Bovada.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino - 3 New Gambling Websites You Have to Check Out

Another website that accepts Bitcoins and also offers great payouts if you hit the jackpot. The website design is easy and the graphics are great. You can tell that the game developers really put their effort into setting it all up.

This online casino is also being operated by a world-renowned casino operator. They offer generous bonuses, great customer support and plenty of games to choose from. They are new and probably that’s the only thing you can really say at this point about them.

But with how they are treating their customers and with improvements being done constantly – it won’t be long before they become part of the very top online casinos in the world.

They also support mobile gaming and offering convenience to their players. In terms of payment options, they accept just about everything.

Casino Max

An online casino with good certifications, good management and license to operate to industry standards. They also offer the games on different platforms guaranteed to keep you playing regardless of where you are.

They also offer great bonus points upon sign-up and are constantly giving out points. One of the online casinos that can guarantee you a good payout should you win the jackpot.

What makes them really great right now are the bonuses that you get daily and the generous promotions they offer. They are still new and still doing a lot of fine-tuning so expect a few bugs here and there.

Which of these three online casinos are you going to give a go? We’ve tried them and can vouch that they are reliable options for exhilarating online gambling experiences.

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